Feminist action against European borders. Join us!

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Since 2015, the European policy on the closing of borders has been reinforced and migration criminalized that much more. The Schengen space is constantly reinforcing a repressive arsenal against persons forced into exile. The closing of borders only leads to the development of mafia-inspired economies in which every form of violence is exerted against exiles. These policies criminalizing mobility weigh particularly heavily on women who represent 54% of migrants in Europe, as well as against lesbians and trans persons. During their migratory journey, any persons not in conformity with the patriarchal order are targets of sexist violence. It is more than time to extend our forces to render visible what is not.

We, feminists living in Europe, from every social condition and of every age, no matter our origins, our choices, our worlds…we raise our voices in order to say: « No! You do not represent us…These policies cannot be conducted in our name! We no longer want the walls with which you encircle us! No! Not in our name! » Because as the feminist women of letters Virginia Wolf said: « As a woman, I have no country. As a woman I do not wish for a country. I, a woman, have the whole world as my country. » Because political borders are a virile and militaristic construction, born from wars, violence and deaths.

In order to break with this militaristic and patriarchal history, we are organizing a large transnational feminist action on June 5 2021 in Nice, a strategic city in the management of the Vintimille-Menton border. In this symbolic location, feminists from every European country, we will demonstrate together because the migratory policies are exercised at the European scale: this is also the scale on which we respond.

Cultural events will take place along with our demonstration, organized and represented by feminists, women, lesbians, trans persons. Everyone is welcome to participate, to contribute, to help with logistics and to support us in this emancipatory undertaking.

Following the European feminist meeting « Women, migrations, shelters » from September 27 to 29 in Geneva, at the initiative of The Women’s World March/Switzerland, no less than 263 activists met to give shape to a European network of resistance feminism. Then, the network widened and has strengthened our determination. We invite you to join us and to enrich this beautiful action. With your presence, your words, your creativity…

Our different positions, sources of influence, feminist sensibilities cannot serve as a brake to our converging around this collective action which will take place in the greatest of transparency.

Do you wish to be part of the organization?

Can you provide official support? Financial support?

Could you create local collectives to co-organize this action and prepare your arrivals, propose activities of all kind: to create, think, sing, dance the world of which we dream?

We await your responses impatiently at toutesauxfrontieresfr@mail.com

The sea of our dreams is immense. It knows no borders! 

The PACA-LIGURIE Assembly « Toutes aux Frontières »  « All to the Borders »